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About me

In my life I have learnt that what you put in is what you get out, there are no short cuts, only hard work, so try and do what you love. My love for design stems from my passion to create while solving problems. It’s like combining art and math class – you get to create something stunning while figuring out the best solution. Also, the ability to represent yourself and your client through your work is an honourable feeling.
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Standard bank Project 2.0

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experience knowledge

I pursue excellence in design and I earnestly seek to find platforms and design trends that inspire me and that just make sense. In the past as I looked to inspire others I realised that knowledge is powerful and particualry in this industry if you fundamentally understand how research can influence any design solution you will be able to impact the end user with a rich experience.

Some of my experience knowledge includes:

some brands that I have worked with



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Current Address

  • Address: 2 Saxonold Drive, Randburg, Johannesburg
  • Phone: +27 (0) 61 605 4921
  • Email:davidbrydal@gmail.com


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